It has been wonderful having Evelyn, Justina, Zoey and Tristina here at Belmont High School and it has been amazing to see their confidence flourish. They have become increasingly engaged in the school community and have kept an open mind to all the opportunities that Belmont High provides. As they have grown academically, the school has been lucky enough to learn more about their culture and values. They have been such positive students and we hope our relationship with the Marrma’ Rom program can grow in the years to come.



Perry Cassidy

Koorie Support Leader

Belmont High School

St Joseph’s Football Netball Club has had a wonderful association with Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation over a number of years, and we are truly inspired by their work. Our association has largely been through female football, with 5 Marrma’ Rom participants playing for our club. This has been a significant cultural asset for St Joseph’s which has opened all of our eyes to our Indigenous culture, the challenges and need for affirmative action. Melissa and Cam of Marrma’ Rom have been proactive and instrumental in creating this important community connection between the girls and our club, whilst also becoming valued members of the club themselves.

We are grateful to Melissa and Cam, not only for getting the girls to all of their games and training sessions (no mean feat!), but also for supporting them to make cultural presentations to our members, being there for the girls without fail to celebrate successes, and teaching us all how to be truly inclusive and valuing of diversity.

More recently, Melissa and Cam welcomed some of the other Indigenous girls at the club into their home when they needed friends around them. It is these consistently lived out values of care and capacity building that we want to be involved in and play our small part in for as long as we can.

Congratulations Cam and Melissa for everything you do. It is more significant than you could know in changing all of us for the better.

Sue Cormack

Director Female Football

St Joseph’s Football Netball Club

“St Joseph’s College Geelong developed a relationship with the Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation in 2011 through agreeing to provide academic scholarships to the boys involved in the program. The St Joseph’s student body has been exposed to traditional Aboriginal culture through the presence of the boys in the school. The overall result has been a positive culture change at St Joseph’s and a strengthening of our Indigenous focus across the school”.

“The Aboriginal boys have also benefited greatly by attending school at St Joseph’s College and living in the Geelong community. Their numeracy and literacy levels have improved dramatically and they have had the opportunity to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities that would have otherwise not been possible. The boys have also fully immersed themselves in the Geelong community predominantly through their traditional music and sport”.

“St Joseph’s College is committed to the Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation and the work undertaken by Cameron Begg and Melissa Patterson to make the program successful. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the foundation into the future”.

Paul Clohesy

Acting Principal/Deputy Principal

St. Joseph’s College, Newtown, Geelong

“I have had the pleasure of being involved with Dion, Jerol, Mabo and Raven at the Newtown Chilwell Football Club where they are currently playing in our Colts Team. To have these young men from the Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation around the club is fantastic not only for them but also for the other players from Newtown to share and learn about each other’s culture. I believe the Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation is a fantastic program that exposes the boys to Western Culture where they can truly learn to walk in both worlds”.

David Wojcinski

Geelong Football Club Premiership Player

National Projects Director COTTON ON FOUNDATION

“I recently had Yirrmal Marika stay with me for several days to do some songwriting and I was impressed with his confidence, judgement, sense of responsibility and eagerness to learn. He is a fine young man and is destined to not only be a role model in his home community but an important contributor in the shaping of our nation’s future. His participation in the Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation programme has been instrumental to his progress”.

Neil Murray

Australian Singer Songwriter, Founding member of Warumpi Band.

My Island Home, Black fella white fella