What is the Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation?

‘Marrma’ Rom’ translates to ‘two worlds, two cultures or two belief systems’ in Yolngu Matha, the language of the people in Arnhem Land. The Marrma’ Rom’ – Two Worlds Foundation is a Leadership Program to empower the next generation of ‘Yawarriny’ (young men) and Miyalkurru (young women) from North East Arnhem Land. The vision of this Foundation is to enable the next generation from Arnhem Land to walk confidently in ‘two worlds’.

The Marrma’ Rom – Two Worlds Foundation shares the strong, rich Yolngu culture of language, ceremony and customs with Non-Indigenous people. In exchange these young men and women learn about the world in which we live, gaining valuable knowledge and skills that help them thrive in this ever-changing, technology driven society. The students become independent and develop ‘life skills’ that enable them to live in both worlds. They will be the role models for their community in the future.