Sue Cormack

St Joseph’s Football Netball Club has had a wonderful association with Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation over a number of years, and we are truly inspired by their work. Our association has largely been through female football, with 5 Marrma’ Rom participants playing for our club. This has been a significant cultural asset for St Joseph’s which has opened all of our eyes to our Indigenous culture, the challenges and need for affirmative action. Melissa and Cam of Marrma’ Rom have been proactive and instrumental in creating this important community connection between the girls and our club, whilst also becoming valued members of the club themselves.

We are grateful to Melissa and Cam, not only for getting the girls to all of their games and training sessions (no mean feat!), but also for supporting them to make cultural presentations to our members, being there for the girls without fail to celebrate successes, and teaching us all how to be truly inclusive and valuing of diversity.

More recently, Melissa and Cam welcomed some of the other Indigenous girls at the club into their home when they needed friends around them. It is these consistently lived out values of care and capacity building that we want to be involved in and play our small part in for as long as we can.

Congratulations Cam and Melissa for everything you do. It is more significant than you could know in changing all of us for the better.