Lake Bolac

Late in Term 1 the boys performed at the Lake Bolac Eel Festival, at the invitation by Neil Murray – Lake Bolac local and festival organiser. Neil met the boys when he kindly performed at our Sunset Dreaming Fundraiser in March.

The boys did some impromptu busking on the banks of Lake Bolac during the afternoon- playing Arnhem Land covers-which earned them some money and created much interest amongst the festivalgoers. That night they performed a half hour set of traditional Yolngu “Manikay” ceremonial songs on the main stage, coming on after Coloured Stone and before Carus Thompson. They received great applause from the packed crowd. The boys have been invited back next year to perform again; next time they’ll be given a full hour on the main stage to perform a mix of traditional manikay and Arnhem pop music.