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Semester 1 – 2017

Marrma’ Rom welcomes Gindikindi and Cameron

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Semester 1 – 2016

Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Founda2on presents... Yirrmal: Songlines and Stories

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Semester 2 – 2015

The Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation, would like to welcome Alviston Wunungmurra to the program.
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Semester 1 – 2015

In  2015  we  welcome  Isaac  Wunungmurra and Jazariah Marrkula.  Both  young  men  are  from Gapuwiyak and have entered  Year  10  at  St.  Joseph’s  College.
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Semester 2 – 2014

Semester Two 2014 was highlighted by the fantastic achievement of two of our students graduating from Year 12. Dion and Jerol have been part of the Foundation since 2012 and we are very proud of them and what they have accomplished during the last 3 years.
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Semester 1 – 2014

Wow, what a semester! Unfortunately we were so busy we did not get time to get a newsletter out at the end of last year. In Term 4 there was hardly a spare weekend. Yirrmal and the Yolngu Boys really started to get a name for themselves and were in high demand. There were lots of performances in Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney and Queenscliff as well as our very successful fundraiser.
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Semester 1 – 2013

With the arrival of the newest member of our clan, Archie, our  2013  fundraiser  has  been  put  back  till  later  in  the  year.  Our  household is extremely frantic at times with 4 teenagers and a  baby, however, we have  finally  locked  in a date and we hope  that you can do the same...
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Semester 2 – 2012

The 2012 Semester 2 Newsletter; a wrap up of the Marrma' Rom Two Worlds Foundation's major events over the last 6 months.
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Semester 1 – 2012

The first ever Marrma'Rom Two Worlds Newsletter, covering some highlights of the past 6 moons, but focusing on what the lads have been up to during Term 2.
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