The long term plan

The Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation is striving to make a difference in the lives of the future generation of young men from North East Arnhem Land. As the Yolngu culture is a patriarchal society, it is important that young men develop the skills to enable them to take on leadership positions and become role models in their respective communities.

The Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation aims to provide opportunities to equip as many students as possible with heightened education levels and leadership qualities. The Foundation will support these young men for as long as they choose to commit to the program; it maybe for one or two years at Secondary School or longer if they choose to study at tertiary level. The longer they spend living in the western world, the greater will be their capacity to ‘walk in two worlds’.

A dream of the Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation is to also provide opportunities for the young ‘miyalk’ girls of Arnhem Land. We plan to set up a leadership program and living quarters for young Yolngu women so that they too can learn to ‘walk in two worlds’ and better provide a healthy lifestyle for their children in the future, as well as improving their education and career options. The greatest indicator that a student will learn to read is if their mother is educated and literate. We hope to support the young female leaders of Arnhem Land in the future.