Independent Living Skills

The Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation creates opportunities for young men and women from Arnhem Land to live independently in any society. Initially the students are heavily supported but as they become more confident they are challenged to be more independent.

Skills learnt whilst living in Geelong include:

  • Cooking and making healthy food choices.
  • Washing: regularly washing their own clothes, including school uniform.
  • Buying food: independently shopping for groceries each week.
  • Cleaning: keeping their living space clean and tidy.
  • Planning: the use of calendars and diaries to organise their daily, weekly and term timetables in order to ensure they are well prepared and organised for all activities.
  • Travelling: travelling locally and interstate, on public transport and planes.
  • Managing money: budgeting for food, rent and spending money

The students are continually pushed to use their own initiative and implement tasks without being asked. They are required to be responsible for their own actions and face consequences for poor decision making, and are rewarded for making good choices.