Yirrmal Marika

Yirrmal Marika

Yirrmal Marika was part of the first group that started the leadership program in April 2011. He had over 7 years of living in two worlds. Yirrmal has now returned to Yirrkala and is proving to be a leader in Arnhem Land. He stills plays an important role in the program as a mentor to each new participant that enters the program. He is a fantastic advocate of the program back in his homeland; he is always talking to young students and to the elders about the Marrma’ Rom Two Worlds Foundation and the importance of education and learning to live in two worlds.

During his time here Yirrmal successfully obtained a VCAL certificate after completing Years 11 and 12 at St. Joseph’s. In 2013 he decided to do another year of study at St. Joseph’s College; a Year 13 ‘gap’ program consisting of intensive English and Maths. He also completed a Certificate 3 in Music Business at Oxygen Music College during that period. 2014 was a big year for Yirrmal as he moved to Melbourne and studied a Certificate 4 in Music Business at North Melbourne Institute of Technology. This was a tough year for him truly living independently in Melbourne but a successful year in all aspects of his education and learning to live in two worlds. Yirrmal returned to Geelong in 2015 to study a Diploma of Music at Oxygen Music College. He is yet to complete all units of this course but plans to do so at some stage in the future.

2016 was another busy year for Yirrmal. Between his study and his emerging music career, Yirrmal was enthusiastic, extremely passionate and inspired by the positive people and mentors that surrounded him. In 2016 he studied a bridging course in English and Maths at Gordon TAFE in Geelong, and undertook some intensive tutoring in music theory. He successfully obtained his Certificate 1 in Adult Education – literacy and numeracy and commenced the Certificate 2 at the beginning of 2017. Yirrmal continued to work hard during 2017, working towards achieving the Cert 2 in General Adult Education, focusing on literacy and numeracy. Yirrmal made the decision to return to his community in 2018 and undertook a number of roles throughout the year, whilst still performing on some big stages.

Yirrmal’s hardworking and dedicated attitude allowed him to continue on his learning journey. He released his debut EP at the end of 2016 and performed on some big stages amongst some amazing artists, but always remained humble, focused and fully committed to his education.

‘Deep Blue Sea’
written and performed by Yirrmal